Bird Attack

dodge attacking birds game for iphone

‘I Feel Like I Am Living A Prehistoric Life!’
‘Love The Graphics And Animated Game!’
‘Awesome To Fly Around These Creatures!’
‘Perfect Game To Kill Boring Moments’

You’re being taken back in time and find yourself flying on a huge prehistoric bird! And you’re being attacked by even scarier ones! If you like flying games with a cool theme amazing graphics, then BIRD ATTACK is totally for you. The objective of the game is to avoid the monster birds that fly towards you, and collect coins on your way. But it’s not that easy! Because the birds are getting bigger and nastier, and are hunting you down like crazy monsters. Luckily only you have a modern weapon that they never saw before. Shoot them down before they destroy you!

Great game play with lots of action! Don’t let any of the other birds get you, because that means game’s over! Perfect game to kill some boring time. And it’s still totally FREE. See how your friends are doing through Game Center.

Bird Attack is totally challenging and keeps you entertained for hours to come! Compete with your friends through Facebook and challenge them for a game. You will enjoy the great graphics and motion this game offers. Download now while it’s FREE. Because that can be over anytime soon. JOIN THE BIRD ATTACK COMMUNITY TODAY!


great shooting and dodging game

Shoot these prehistoric birds…!


– Control you monster bird and shoot down others
– Take unlimited shots to take ‘m down
– Endless playing fun
– FREE version supported by ads
– Super cool graphics and motion
– Addicting game concept
– Unlimited attempt to beat your personal record
– Funny sound effects
– Leaderboard through GAME CENTER
– Invite your Facebook friends to play
– Turn on/off music and sound effects
– Upgrade to ad-free version optional
– Available on iPhone and iPad


bird hunter ipad game

And make sure they don’t get you…!


★★★ SUPPORT ★★★
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cool bird killing game for iphone


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