Harlem Shake Blast

harlem shake blast for ios

‘Totally Cool Graphics and Hip Hop Music’
‘This Game Makes Me Want To Dance Too!’
‘Controls Are Super And Game Is Fun!’
‘I Keep Laughing Whenever I Play This!’

Are you hooked on the Harlem Shake like everyone and his brother? Then HARLEM SHAKE BLAST is totally for you! You can choose from 3 characters that are all typical Harlem street guys. Objective of the game is to collect as many coins as possible, and avoid the scary guys coming your way. To make it a bit easier, we give you a gun to eliminate unwanted enemies. And you can jump all the way up the screen by tapping the screen. But you have to calculate when you can land safely again, without being hit my an opponent. Score enough coins and you can upgrade to stronger characters for free!

Select any of the funny Harlem guys and check through Game Center how your friends are doing. Show them who’s the better Shaker! JOIN THE HARLEM SHAKE BLAST COMMUNITY TODAY!


great harlem shake game for iPad

Collect all the coins you can…!


– 3 awesome Harlem gangsters to choose from
– Super easy controls to move and fire
– Fantastic graphics and motion
– Addicting and challenging game concept
– Compete with your Game Center friends
– Great way to kill some boring moments
– Leaderboard through GAME CENTER
– Invite anyone to play through email
– FREE version supported by ads
– Upgrade to ad-free version optional
– Available on iPhone and iPad


jump and shoot

But shoot down the gangster you find on your way…!


★★★ SUPPORT ★★★
– Website: www.pogiplay.com
– Facebook: www.facebook.com/pogiplay
– Twitter: www.twitter.com/pogiplay


cool Harlem Shake game for ios


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