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‘Great Game Play in Awesome Settings!’
‘Love The Graphics, Motion And Controls’
‘The Ninja Characters Are Totally Cute!’
‘This Game Is Addicting and Keeps Me Trying!’

Always wanted to be a NINJA on the run? Then TINY FEET is totally for you! Run as far as you can and collect ancient coins on your way. But be careful not to hit the pointy rocks or giant blocks, because that means game over! Awesome graphics and addicting gameplay will make you run like a ninja over and over again. Through Game Center you can check how you are doing compared to your friends, and the rest of the world.

The game consists of 7 different characters which you can easily unlock through Facebook. You can be a ninja, samurai, pink bunny, schoolgirl, waitress, baby boy or disco babe! Watch out for awkward combinations of obstacles because you can jump twice only before you’ll land again. This game concept was chosen best game type by several blogs. So come on board, see how your friends perform online and try to beat them! JOIN THE TINY FEET COMMUNITY TODAY!


– 7 different characters to choose from
– FREE version supported by ads
– Super cool graphics and motion
– Addicting game concept
– Several obstacle combinations to avoid
– Great background music
– Leaderboard through GAME CENTER
– Invite your Facebook friends to play
– Upgrade to ad-free version optional
– Available on iPhone and iPad


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Run and Jump as Far as You Can…!


★★★ SUPPORT ★★★
– Website: www.pogiplay.com
– Facebook: www.facebook.com/pogiplay
– Twitter: www.twitter.com/pogiplay


great running and jumping game

Unlock Several Characters For Free!


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